Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Foam Cutting Bows can be made from inexpensive materials from your local hardware store or you may find you have the materials on hand.

One simple way is to use a 1x4 as long as you need your bow then drill holes on each end and insert a metal camping stake in each hole. The wire is attached on one side then tensioned on the other with rubber bands or springs.

Another bow you could make uses a turnbuckle to tension the bow.

My favorite tensioning uses a guitar tuner and spring to adjust tension. This makes it easy to adjust the tension as needed. You can even put a fish scale on one end to tell you how many pounds of tension are on your wire. Keep in mind that as your wire heats up it expands and stretches so its a good idea to have springs, rubberbands or surgical tubbing to take up any slack builds as the wire heats and stretches.

Some people use spring steel or some sort of flexible material for the arms that takes up slack and helps tension the wire. You can even use a long wooden dowl, notch the ends bend it and string it like a bow.

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