Monday, January 22, 2018

Getting Started in Radio Control

 I am one of the club trainers here at  As each new flyer comes along I find that we start at the beginning and answer all of the same questions again and again.  Just for fun (hehehehe) I started writing the questions down and answering them on my blog.  I tried to put links and pictures when possible to help explain the what, when and why of the things we do.

I have also given links to other sites that have offered their version ot the same information.

I remember that most of my questions when I was new were so basic I was embarrassed to ask them, but I needed the information. 

Read my blog.  I've tried to keep it subject by subject.  Send me a personal message on RCGroups if you find things that would help to be included.

Please feel welcome to ask questions and please come fly with us.  You gotta try this combat thing!!!



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