Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Everyone loves a Snowball.

The EPP Snowball may be the best trainer yet and one of the most unique indoor, night flyer and small park planes on the market for the more advanced flyer.  the floats act as skids and make it so the beginner can take off and land in any direction on most any flat surface although we prefer grass.  This allows the new flyer to have both hands on the radio and go out for a spin on the ground before taking off in the air.

The Snowball is one of the few planes made entirely of the tough and most durable 1.9 lb EPP foam.  EPP foam is flexible and durable and can be repaired it in seconds with a hot glue gun with nearly invisable repairs. Th Snowball is one of the lower priced EPP planes on the market.

Building the kit is easy.  It only takes a couple of hours to assemble including the installation of the radio. We have cut all of the bevels and angles and the fit is excellent.

The Snowball kit is $49.95. This includes the plane, control horns, carbon tube, control rods, and motor mount. Shipping and handling will be $8.50 to USA and Canada. We can calculate shipping if you want it sent anywhere else, just ask, and we will try to respond quickly. All local tax and terriff outside Utah, if there is any, is the responsibility of the buyer.

Planes will be shipped Priority Mail inside the United States and 1st Class mail to everywhere else. We will ship within 2 working days of receipt of paypal payment.

Contact TJ at www.Crashtesthobby.com to order yours today.


Go to the Snowball ATV-EPP-RET thread and look at the videos in posts #1 and #2. The instruction manual is post #2 and there are many other entries with information that will be valuable to a builder.


Watch these videos to see a Snowball in action.  Notice how tough it is.  The first video shows the exact updated model you will receive.  An earlier model is shown being flown off the cliffs in the second video.  Check out the ground handling in the third video.  I don't know of any other planes that will do what this plane will do.  Check out all of the videos.  Some of the Snowball flyers are having too much fun!!!

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