Wednesday, February 21, 2018

EPP Snowball kits are available!!!

The Snowball is a gentle RET trainer that takes off the grass or pavement or can be flown indoors and also does well as a night flyer.  It has incredible ground handling and will do things no other plane will do. Check it out in the videos below. 

If you set up more extreme throws it will roll and loop to your hearts content.

Building the kit is easy. It takes  30 minutes to glue it together and a couple of hours to install of the radio and get it ready to fly.  All of the bevels are cut and the fit is excellent.

To learn more about this unique plane and see more Snowball videos and comments go to this thread:

Kits for the Snowball ATV-EPP-RET are available for $49.95  plus shipping.  This includes the 1.9 lb EPP wing, rudder, motor pod, floats, and control horns, carbon tubes, control rods, and motor mount.

The price and shipping cost make this one of the lower priced EPP planes on the market and one of the few planes cut entirely out of the tough 1.9 pound EPP foam.

Go to the Snowball ATV-EPP-RET thread and look at the videos in posts #1 and #2. The instruction manual is post #2 and there are many other entries and videos that will be valuable to a builder.

Shipping and handling will be $8.50 to USA Priority Mail.

We have repackaged the same plane in a smaller box for international shipping and have been able to ship "First Class" to Canada for $8.50 and the UK for $12.50 S&H. We can calculate shipping if you want it sent anywhere else, just ask, and we will try to respond quickly.

We will ship within 2 working days of receipt of paypal payment.

Contact TJ at to order yours today.

Thank you for your orders.

Lee and TJ.

Here are some of the videos.

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